Chris Paschke working in the studio

Chris Paschke is an internationally accomplished artist and calligrapher.

If you ask Chris, she’ll tell you that her fascination with both Eastern and Western letterforms has been a lifelong study. She has studied with European master calligraphers in Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Russia, and after an inspiring visit to China, her work took on a strong Asian influence that continues in her collections today.

Asian and Western Art Influences

For the past forty years, Chris has been strongly influenced by traditional Chinese masters and Japanese Sumi-e painting, crossed with the edgy abstract expressionism of Kline, Pollock, Rothko, Gottlieb, Motherwell and Jasper Johns.

Chris attended San Jose State University and Humboldt State University, receiving a BFA Creative Arts and Design, Magna Cum Laude. She is a member of the Friends of Calligraphy, San Francisco,  A; Sumi Society of America; International Encaustic Association; and Fine Art Trade Guild (UK). She keeps actively involved in all aspects of art and its place in the world.


Celebrating 20 Years Together!
Happy Artiversary!

We are so honored that Chris has been sharing her art with us for 20 years! We were thrilled that she visited us here in Vermont, today, on the exact anniversary! What a thrill. She even took some time to sign some prints for our staff. Thank you for being part of the Wild Apple family Chris! We are looking forward to making the world more beautiful each and every year with more of your art. 

“I was taught both in my first calligraphy class and in Sumi-e that after the initial concept sketches, an artist should work directly on their final substrate planning for a masterpieceā€¦as you can never replicate the freshness, freedom, and spontaneity that occurs in that first attempt.”




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