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Use of Marketing Materials

Important information about the use and sharing of our room and product shots from this website and our marketing and social materials.

When Wild Apple creates a room setting, or a product mock up, like the ones shown here, we license the base photograph from AdobeStock, Shutterstock, Creative Market or other stock photo companies.

The limited license we purchase allows Wild Apple to use the photo in all of our marketing and social media.

However, the license does not cover our customers’ use of the photos. We have researched and argued at length that our license should cover our customers’ use, but they strongly disagree, and copyright laws support their position. 

It is important to let you know that stock photo companies may come after your company and seek payment and penalty fees for copyright infringement if you use our image and product shots without permission or purchase of the stock image.

What you are not allowed to do:

  • You cannot download or screenshot the image from our social channels, marketing materials or website, and post on your social channels, website(s) or use in your marketing materials. 

What you are allowed to do:

  • You are allowed to share a photo from our social channel to yours. For example, if we post a room shot on Wild Apple’s Facebook Page, you can share that image to your Facebook page by using the Share button. 
  • Tell us which of our room and product photos you want to use. We will let you know which stock photo company they are from so you can acquire the appropriate license for each image. The pricing for images generally starts at $10-$20 per image. Once we have received confirmation that you have purchased the stock image, we can give you a copy of the finished product from our collection.

We appreciate and understand that you are just trying to promote the artwork to our mutual benefit.

However, copyright laws are clear on the matter, and we want to keep all of our customers out of trouble!

If you have any questions or want to use one of our room shots, please contact us.