For Laura Marshall, photography is about more than just picking up a camera or paintbrush and making art from what she sees.

Working with Laura is seeing youthful creativity come to life. Her passion for art and photography is captivating. A diverse and multi-talented artist, Laura has created incredible and successful collections for both wall decor and licensing. We took some time to ask Laura three questions about her life and work as an artist. 

Q&A With Laura Marshall

1. Travel seems to be a big part of your photography collections. Where have you been lately that has inspired your art?

Travel is a huge source of inspiration for me. I absolutely love going to the Pacific Northwest to visit my brother every chance I get. The endless forests and rugged mountains never fail to inspire some of my favorite photographs. More recently I traveled to Scotland and instantly fell in love. It was spring so everything was a vibrant green, the forests were blanketed in bluebells, and it was truly magical. I can’t wait to share some of the photos from that trip soon.

2. You seem to have endless creativity. What do you do when you feel stuck?

I think dabbling in so many different mediums helps me keep a good creative flow going. If I’m feeling stuck doing photography I can switch to watercolor. And if I get stuck there I can change to gouache. And sometimes the best thing for me is to just step away completely and go for a walk. I always can find something in nature to inspire me!

3. How important do you think trends are for art and home décor?

Trends come and go, but it can be fun to incorporate touches of them into your home’s décor. I personally love the rustic farmhouse look so it’s been great to see all the ways people have interpreted that in their homes!