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Latest Art Home Decor Art Licensing Trends

Dive into the latest art licensing trends at Wild Apple: your hub for creativity and style in home decor.

Spark your imagination with our curated selections that define tomorrow’s aesthetics. Begin your journey with us into the art of the exceptional.

Art Licensing Trend:
Autumn Spice

Say hello to Autumn Spice, a trend that’s all about embracing those cozy fall vibes in the home. Think art with warm, muted tones like deep browns, burnt oranges, and cheerful sunflower yellows, all with hints of teal and green to keep things fresh. It’s the perfect palette for creating that snug, inviting feel in your fall decor line-up.

Art Licensing Trend:

Immerse yourself in the world of Darkscapes, where moody landscapes come alive with rich, deep color stories. These artworks, painted in a loose, painterly style, evoke a sense of 
mystery and drama. Perfect for adding a touch of enigmatic beauty to any space.

Traditional Art Licensing Trends

Art Licensing Trend:
Traditional Holiday

The traditional Christmas color palette is a staple in art licensing. Rich reds, lush greens, and hints of gold capture the festive spirit, adding warmth and nostalgia to any holiday collection. These timeless hues are perfect for creating a cozy, classic Christmas atmosphere.

Art Licensing Trend:


Our skilled artists curate year-round holiday-themed art collections for global home decor products. From classic to trendy designs, they create captivating art  for licensing to elevate your products and spread holiday cheer worldwide.

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