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As an art and design company we follow trends very closely—especially color trends. We were so excited last week when Pantone announced their 2017 color of the year … Greenery! We are loving this fresh and vibrant hue. A beautiful yellow-green shade, greenery is everything good about spring and all things fresh and beautiful in […]
Feeling blue doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The color blue is coming on strong in home decor and fashion. One of the most versatile shades, adding watery and light blues can make a home feel right as rain. Whatever shade you choose blue has been and remains one of the most versatile and loved colors […]
Into the Wind Ivory by Albena Hristova
We work with art, so of course we love bright, bold colors.But we also love the simplistic elegance of neutrals and the endless design opportunities this palette presents in the home. Look at some of the most timeless and elegant interiors and you will often see the use of a very neutral color scheme. From subtle grays and creams to rich shades of brown and black, creating a neutral space doesn’t have to be dull.
Red Hot For the Home
The color red traditionally represents passion, anger and energy, and no other color seems to elicit the same emotional response. In the home, some are attracted to the intense nature of red, while others find it alarming. One thing all color experts agree on is that red draws attention and is easily the defining color in a space – even when used in sparing quantities.
Want to brighten up a room? Say “Hello Yellow!” A yellow room all on its own may be a bit too bright, even for the most seasoned color lover. But, adding in pops of yellow with wall decor and home accents will give you a quick hit of gorgeous, sunny color that will get your mood popping! From neon shades […]