Valentines Art Trends

It’s February 14th. Time to share the love!

The origins of Valentine’s Day are as varied as a box of mixed chocolates. Some say it all started in Ancient Rome. We found out that the first Valentine’s cards in North America date back to the 1700s. And did you know that in the 1800s doctors apparently advised lovelorn patients to eat chocolate to calm their pining? This year over 40 MILLION heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold in North America. That’s a lot of broken hearts!

If you love color like we love color, then you will adore this blog post from on the Color History of Valentine’s Day.

If you ask some people (who won’t be named) there shouldn’t just be one day set aside to show appreciation for those you love. And while we totally disagree … there are great ways to spread the love all year round in the home. From stylish dishes and pillows to mugs, candles and more, you can create a love fest right in your home.

Note: We strongly recommend observing Valentine’s Day if only to get one of those boxes of chocolate. 

All art images is from our Wild Apple Collections.