Q&A with Artist Julia Purinton

Fine artist and muralist Julia Purinton divides her time between urban Washington, DC and a small rural village in Vermont.

Both places provide plenty of material for her evocative landscapes and cityscapes. Working in oils, acrylics, venetian plaster and glaze, Julia’s artwork has the luminous glow and vintage romance of images by artists who influence her: William Turner, John Singer Sargent and the Brandywine River School painters. Many layers of glaze create the atmospheric moods of her landscapes. Her work is found in galleries in New England.

Q&A With Julia Purinton

1) Nature is a constant theme in your art. What does being in nature mean to you?

Being in nature is a chance to breathe, to gain perspective, & to relax in the beauty of the landscape.

2) How has your style evolved over the years?

My style has diverged in two different directions: one very soft, neutral, dreamy & misty; the other more dramatic & abstract.

3) What is your favorite color for 2018?

Midnight blue.

julia purinton’s Art