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Ready to add a stunning piece of art to your collection? Our partner site offers high-quality prints of our exclusive artworks. We know they will take good care of you!


How We Do It: The Magic of Art Creation

It may seem like art just magically gets made … but it’s actually a lot of work. From conception, art direction and creation to digitization, marketing and more, it takes a large team to produce a catalogue of imagery for art publishing and licensing

Why Customers Work with an Art Publisher

Working in home decor has its own set of unique challenges. For nearly 30 years we’ve been making our customers’ jobs easier by being a full-service art and design partner.


Why Artists Work with an Art Publisher

We value each and every artist that is part of the Wild Apple family and look forward to growing that family every year with the introduction of new artists. Find out why you may want to consider working with an art publisher or licensing agent like us. https://wildapple.com/submit/

What a Journey! Wild Apple Celebrates 25 Years!

It’s been over 25 years since Wild Apple was started. It’s been an amazing journey filled with art, creativity and lots of chocolate. As we continue to grow and build our relationships with our employees, artists, customers and supplier, we are thankful for being able to do what we love. 


NEW for the Market: Aroma

Introducing Aroma … a new line of aromatherapy-inspired prints for the home featuring our new Fragrance and Art Reproduction Technology System (f.a.r.t.s)

1 Minute with Michael Mullan

With a deep appreciation for both design and illustration, Michael Mullan’s art reflects graphic and handmade qualities reminiscent of printmaking techniques and paying tribute to his hero, Andy Warhol. 


1 Minute with Danhui Nai

Artist Danhui Nai was born in mainland China and raised in an artistic household with her sculptor father and painter mother.

Her natural passion for art was guided through classical training which she applies in her California studio to create beautiful, on-trend artwork in a variety of media.

2 Minutes with Silvia Vassileva

Even after 17 years of working together, Sue Schlabach and Silvia Vassileva have so much to talk about and share. Sue recently spent some time with Silvia at her studio in California. 

Watch the video and read more on the blog: https://wildapple.com/in-the-studio-with-silvia-vassileva/