Let’s face it, staying ahead of the curve in home decor is no small feat. For retailers, home decor buyers, and manufacturers, knowing what’s next can make all the difference. That’s where we come in. At Wild Apple, we’re obsessed with uncovering the latest art licensing trends for 2025 and sharing them with our partners. We’re constantly on the lookout for the freshest ideas and the hottest looks, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

We get it—your success hinges on offering designs that your customers can’t get enough of. That’s why we’re beyond excited to share our latest Trend Book with you. This isn’t just another trend guide; it’s your backstage pass to what’s going to be trending in home decor. Whether you’re revamping your current collections or rolling out new ones, our trend book is packed with five standout trends for 2025 that are ready to transform products.

Here are 5 art licensing trends for 2025

Secret Garden: Enchantment in Every Corner

This art licensing trend brings a breath of fresh air and a serene, magical vibe to wall and home decor. Soft pastel hues and intricate patterns capture the delicate beauty of a hidden garden. Think floral throw pillows, wallpaper that echoes nature, and art pieces that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor aesthetics. 

Blues & Greens: An Art Licensing Trend Featuring Nature’s Tranquil Palette

This palette captures the serene hues of lush landscapes, delicate florals, and tranquil abstracts. Imagine a color story that transitions effortlessly from deep navy blues to soft seafoam greens, creating a refreshing vibe. Perfect for wall decor, textiles, and ceramics, this trend turns any space into a serene retreat. Think botanical prints that transport you to a serene forest or abstract pieces that mirror the calmness of a peaceful sea.

Terracotta: Warmth and Depth in Every Hue

Terracotta is set to be a popular color in 2024, infusing homes with its rich, earthy tones that evoke sunbaked clay and autumn leaves. This warm and versatile color is perfect for creating cozy, inviting spaces that feel grounded and connected to nature. This trend beautifully complements a range of colors, making it versatile enough for any space. Whether it’s bold abstract art that demands attention or landscapes offering a cozy retreat, terracotta adds a rustic elegance to wall and home decor products.

Yeehaw: A Whimsical Southwest Revival

The popularity of Southwest and country aesthetics is on the rise, especially among Gen Z and Millennials. Beyoncé’s latest album, Cowboy Carter, has been a catalyst for this trend’s resurgence, blending traditional Western themes with contemporary flair. This look is particularly appealing to younger generations who appreciate the blend of nostalgia and modern fresh design. With its roots in classic Americana, Yeehaw is capturing the hearts of a new audience, bringing a fresh perspective to a beloved style.

Let’s Eat: Celebrating Food and Togetherness

In recent years, food-inspired decor has been rising in popularity, reflecting the growing trend of integrating culinary art into home design. According to Pinterest’s 2024 trend report, food and home decor are getting a delicious upgrade, with vibrant, show-stopping pieces that celebrate the joy of food, drinks, and togetherness. We love how this trend captures the essence of gatherings and shared meals with stylish art featuring delectable foods, refreshing drinks, and lively cocktails.

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