We are thrilled to announce that we are working with artist Kristy Rice 

Kristy Rice wears many hats: entrepreneur, mama, celebrity invitation designer, stylist – but her first love is watercolor painting.  She began her art career humbly: hiding under the covers with a flashlight as a 6 year old girl who just wanted to make art, literally day and night. It was clear from the start that Kristy would make her mark on the world with a paintbrush.


Blueberries-Among-Us by Kristie Rice

Joy-of-White by Kristie Rice

Kristy’s watercolor flowers, bold patterns and expressive landscapes combine a certain textural realism with a distinctive juicy boldness that epitomize her love affair with watercolor and mixed media painting.  Her brushstrokes can ebb and flow from highly detailed and meticulous to free-flowing and boundless, all the while remaining captivating and unmistakable.

For the last 14 years, Kristy’s obsession with paint and paper has evolved into the innovative brand, Momental Designs. Kristy has transformed event stationery into a persuasive and compelling medium that garners global attention from media, celebrities and some of the world’s most creative individuals.

Kristy shares her passion for making art for joy’s sake with her ongoing series of watercoloring books for adults. Kristy is currently working on her eighth book with Schiffer Publishing titled “The Painter’s Wedding”, due out December 2017. Kristy lives on a 40 acre retired farm in Pennsylvania with her husband Adam, son Isaac (Izzy) and lots of furry friends!