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Some of our best summer memories are those spent with the ones we love, especially on a road trip!

Do you remember the epic road trips you took with your family as a kid? When I was growing up I couldn’t wait for my parents to pile all 5 of us kids into the VW Van and drive miles and miles in search of sand , sun and fun. We sang, we fought, we ate, we saw wild and weird things. I look back on those photos now with such fond memories.

Get inspired by travel-inspired art

Today life seems a little more busy than in the ummmm … 80s (I just gave away my age there). It’s easy to forget that adventure it out there. Maps and travel-inspired art reminds us to get out and live life to the fullest. In July we shared that artist Michael Mullan’s map, Illustrated USA, was featured by Country Living Magazine. We’re thrilled to now offer a version of the map to our wholesale customers. You’ll find it at retail soon!

The only question you need to ask yourself now is, where will you go?


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