Metallic art for the home

With the Olympics on in Rio we can’t help but think of precious metals in the home.

I don’t think you can walk through a single home decor store or browse any home-inspired website or blog without being dazzled by metallic art and accessories. Now, when I was a kid, my Dad was in interior designer. It was the 70s and he was Italian so you know what that meant. Shag carpet and gold metallic wallpaper.

It’s time to get your glam on with metallic art and accessories.

Adding this look to the home doesn’t need to be garish or overdone. I love what Emma Blomfield said on “You don’t have to spend much to get in on this trend.  Metallics should be considered the jewelry for your home with things like drawer handles and copper catchalls through to candle jars.”  May I just amend her statement and say art, definitely add art.  

Go Shopping!