Retailers have to be constantly on the go, revamping products and creating in-store displays that inspire.

It’s not an easy job and it takes a special talent to keep creating amazing room-settings that your customers are going to love. That’s why when we saw Larson Juhl’s “Tips for Creating Effective In-Store Room Settings,” we knew we had to share it with you.

Larson-Juhl is a well-known manufacturer and distributor of timeless and innovative custom picture frame mouldings and mat board. Their designers and manufacturing teams create amazing designs in all of the popular home furnishing styles. Walk into any custom framing shop and pretty much guaranteed, you’ll find Larson Juhl frames. We’ve seen our prints framed in some of their mouldings and we are always impressed.

Check out Larson Juhl’s 5 tips for retailers to create fresh room settings (and a video too)

1. Choose Great Paint Colors for the Walls:

Paint the backdrop of your room settings with colors that are popular with homeowners in your area. Not sure about colors? Visit your local paint store for recommendations.

2. Update the Framing Regularly:

Update the framing featured in your room settings a few times each year. Vary the frames and the types of art you show.

3. Create seasonal changes within the displays.

In addition to providing inspiring ideas about seasonally-themed framed art, it can also inspire clients with gift-giving ideas.

4. Focus on Great Lighting:

Make sure the area is well lit by including table lamps, rather than just having only your standard overhead store lighting. Lighting can make a big difference and creates more of a home-setting feeling in the space.

5. Keep it Fresh:

Refresh entire in-store room settings periodically (perhaps once a year), including new paint.