I’m writing with news of change…and continuity.

After 32 years as owners, Laurie and I sold Wild Apple to the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Shawn Harned. We are really excited about this and I’d like to tell you why.

We received several offers from inside and outside the industry, and chose the one that we believe will be best for the company. As a 4-year member of our management team, Shawn will preserve Wild Apple’s creative, human culture. He has passion for the business and a vision for growth.

Most importantly, Shawn values the creative process. 

Shawn’s professional background in sales is exactly what the company needs for ongoing success. With an outward customer orientation and focus on new markets, deeper relationships, and growing the team, Shawn is growing sales and that means more opportunities for employees, artists and customers.

The change in ownership is likely to have little or no effect on how you work with Wild Apple. In reality, Shawn has been running the company since he became Chief Operating Officer over a year ago. He knows how our business works, he has excellent problem-solving and decision making skills, and good judgment. It is hard to imagine a scenario that would provide more continuity.

Why are Laurie and I choosing to exit at this time?

We’ve reached that retirement age zone, we have grandchildren, and after more than three decades in this wonderful business we have some bucket list items to attend to. More importantly from the company perspective, Wild Apple needs and deserves new, fresh, energetic leadership, and we are proud to be accomplishing that!

Thank you so much for being a part of Wild Apple. Here’s to continued growth and success.

John (Janitor Emeritus) & Laurie Chester


Looking Back on 32 Wild Years


Wild Apple’s First Tradeshow Booth. 

An early shot of the team on the Chester property where our first office was located

Family Photo, John, Laurie, the kids, and a llama (many more llamas would follow)

The company is growing! Breaking ground on the Wild Apple building

Celebrating 30 Years of “Making the World More Beautiful with Art” at West Coast Art and Frame

New Owner, Shawn Harned, with Art Director, Jess Aiken and Sales Superstar, Clair Hunt at Surtex