Words of Wisdom from painter Silvia Vassileva

Silvia Vassileva is an artist with a true passion for her art.

Her long-standing career creating incredible painting started at the Academy of Fine Art in Bulgaria, where she earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

From there spent six years painting and exhibiting her work in Japan before moving to the U.S. Silvia describes her style as very free and bold. She makes her paintings come alive by using contrast and unusual color palettes. Silvia’s home studio, which she designed herself, is bright, contemporary and minimalist.

My style is very free and bold”



Words of wisdom on art, creativity and life from Silvia:

1) What is the best piece of career you have been given?

At the age of 12, my very first art lesson at a special after school program: “If you don’t have the passion to become real artists and the backbone to endure all the pain that comes with pursuing an art career, leave my class right now!”

At 17: “Inspiration is for amateurs. Search into your soul! If you don’t feel like painting, just squeeze some paint on the palette and don’t let it go to waste!”

Later: ” There is only ONE  shortcut to a successful  career as an artist – be yourself! But there is no guarantee! “

Last day of school, before the entrance exams for the Art Academy (the equivalent of MFA): “If you ever think that you are very good artists, remember Rembrandt… and begin your next painting!”

2) How did your time living in Japan affect your art?

Painting is a process of analyzing and unifying. Fresh after years of art schooling, artists are usually stuck in the analyzing part. In the Japanese aesthetic many things are left unspoken, not shown or explained. Japan taught me to get rid of and sacrifice details in the name of the unifying. In other words make the viewer feel what can not be seen!

3) How does being an artist affect your outlook on the world?

Art definitely made me very sensitive…which is not necessarily a good thing!


Silvia Vassileva’s Art