In the Studio with artist Kathrine Lovell

Many elements make Kathrine Lovell’s paintings unique.

Kathrine’s work balances an ethereal view of the natural world with complex patterning. She combines individual small images into larger compositions, creating the effect of tile. Kathrine received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, teaches painting, and works as a decorative painter. She lives in Rhode Island with her partner and two dogs.

“When I work with acrylics, I like to start with a very smooth surface. I work on wood; Birch plywood. Then I make the surface rough with layers of paint and crackling. I do lots of sanding and layering of color. Then I often grid out the surface and start to draw patterns. Painting the patterns helps me sort out what the picture will be. I rarely know what the final image will be when I start, but sometimes it is very clear.”


Q&A With Kathrine Lovell

1) What are your favorite painting techniques and why do you love using them?

I love to paint things that are repetitive and some might say tedious.  I love to create patterns that repeat over and over, especially if they involve complex layering. I’ve been working with gold leaf for several years now, which is a complicated technique full of layers and processes, all before I even get to the patterns I’m painting on top of it.  I find that kind of repetition to be very meditative and relaxing. I’ve recently started creating whiteline woodblock prints, which is another slow and meticulous process. After years of wanting to be a painter who throws the paint around the studio, I’ve come to terms with the idea that I’m actually a painter who likes things to be neat and tidy.

2) If we could send you one place in the world to paint where would it be and why?

Is this an option?  Thank you Wild Apple, I’d love to go just about anywhere. When do I leave?  Seriously, I can think of about a dozen places I’d like to go to soak up ideas, do research, and bask in the landscape. Japan would be top of my list.  Tokyo would make me insane because of all the people and energy. I am truly more at home in the country than in the city. But it would be a dream come true to see the countryside and the ancient temples and gardens that have inspired a lot of my work.  However, I’m not sure I need to go there to paint. I prefer to paint in my own studio after absorbing lots of creative fuel.

3) How would you describe your personal art style? How has it changed over the years?

I would describe my style as quiet, thoughtful, low key, meditative. My work has gotten more refined over the years.  I’ve learned to edit my work. I consciously decide to leave out more than I put in. After many decades of painting I feel confident about what I want to paint, and confident that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to in painting. My early years of painting were full of self-doubt and trying to find a style.  One day, after about 30 years of painting, I realized I had a very clear style and no more doubt. That was pretty fun.


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