They say no home is complete without a gorgeous house plant. 

Over the past few years we’ve seen houseplants trending in home decor. From the meteoric rise of succulents and palms to 2017’s fig leaf, we’re transforming our homes with the addition of gorgeous greenery

From terrariums, succulents and cactus, to tropical palms and flowers, this look is adding a much needed green boost to our lives.

It’s fair to say we’re completely digging this trend. But, if you are like me, taking care of green things isn’t exactly your forte. I swear I’ve tried to grow gardens and keep plants alive. So far, my only success is a tiny, but mighty air plant that my mother bought me a year ago. Needless to say, I am loving all of the art and accessories popping up everywhere so I can have this trend in my home without fear of killing yet another helpless plant.

Our artists have created gorgeous new collections of houseplant art for the home. The great thing about art? Simply hang on a wall, nestle on a shelf or fluff a pillow and admire. No watering required.



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