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Art + Home Trends

As our art directors and artists look ahead to the Thanksgiving and harvest art Licensing trends for 2025, it’s the perfect time to share the future art and designs that will capture the hearts of consumers. This isn’t just about preparing for another holiday season; it’s about helping home decor manufacturers set the stage for […]
Let’s chat about something that’s been blooming in the world of home decor – the “Wildflower” trend. It’s more than just a floral fad; it’s a celebration of nature’s spontaneous splendor. This trend isn’t just about flowers; it’s about embracing the wild, untamed spirit of the great outdoors. Imagine art that captures the whimsical charm […]
In 2024 the home decor landscape is witnessing a captivating trend that’s a nod to the past while being firmly anchored in the present. “New Antique” is the latest buzz in the industry, offering a fresh take on vintage-inspired art for licensing that’s redefining the aesthetics of modern interiors. For manufacturers and wholesalers in the […]
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