Our pets have a way of melting our hearts but none so much as the family dog.

Here at Wild Apple dogs are part of our life. Whether it’s John and Laurie’s dogs coming for a visit, or Francine’s dog Finley chilling out in Licensing, we love it when our 4-legged family come for a visit. This past week Laura Marshall brought in her new pup Luna, who immediately stole our hearts. We just had to get to know Luna better so we asked Laura some questions.


Question: What kind of dog? Why did you name her Luna? How old is she?

Luna is an Australian Shepherd mix (though we’re not sure what she’s mixed with). We didn’t have a specific reason we named her Luna (full name is Luna Blue Socks), we just both really liked the name, plus we got her just before a full moon and the nickname possiblities are great – Lunar Eclipse, Luna Noodle, Luney Tunes, Blue Moon, etc. Luna is about 4 months old (as guessed by the vet)
Question: Where did you get her?
We got her from a rescue in Tennessee and she was brought up on a transport with a bunch of other rescue dogs.
Question: What is her best quality?
Physically, I love her soft fluffy ears and big paws. We’re having fun guessing what she’ll look like when she grows up. Personality-wise, she’s a snuggler. She’ll curl right up in your lap and pass out hard.
Question: Has she eaten your shoes?
She hasn’t eaten any shoes yet, but she loves biting jewelry and especially loves eating all the yummy leaves on the ground right now!

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