As our art directors and artists look ahead to the Thanksgiving and harvest art Licensing trends for 2025, it’s the perfect time to share the future art and designs that will capture the hearts of consumers.

This isn’t just about preparing for another holiday season; it’s about helping home decor manufacturers set the stage for a celebration of warmth, tradition, and trend-right design.

The upcoming trends for Thanksgiving and harvest themes blend cherished traditions with a fresh, modern aesthetic; it’s all about bringing a fresh twist to our favorite traditions. Home decor brands, this is your moment to create designs that blend the traditional and new, creating products that feel nostalgic and perfectly on trend with today’s consumers.

Let’s dive into the top trends that are going to define fall and Thanksgiving collections in 2025, making every piece tell a story of celebration and style.

Here Are The Top Four Trends in Thanksgiving and Harvest Art Licensing for 2025:

1. Folk and Heritage Patterns

For 2025 there’s a growing emphasis on home and wall decor that goes beyond aesthetics to tell a story, with a strong focus on folk and heritage art and patterns. These designs do more than enhance a space—they bring narratives of cultural heritage and craftsmanship to the forefront, offering authenticity that resonates with consumers seeking depth in their home furnishings.

Emphasizing Authenticity and Craftsmanship: Folk art patterns are deeply rooted in tradition, each carrying stories and significance from the cultures they originate. These patterns are not just decorative but are testimonies to the artisanal skills passed through generations, appealing to consumers who value craftsmanship and historical depth.

Versatility in Decor: Incorporating folk and heritage designs into Thanksgiving and harvest collections for 2025 allows manufacturers to offer products that stand out. These looks are perfect for trend-right textiles, tableware, and decorative accessories that consumers will seek out at retail. 

2. Warm Neutral Color Palettes for Fall

This season, warm neutrals continue to dominate the color palette for Thanksgiving decor. Earthy tones such as beige, taupe, and warm browns create a soothing and inviting atmosphere, perfectly complementing the traditional Thanksgiving setting. These colors are versatile and can be easily integrated into various product lines, from textiles to tableware, ensuring that each item brings a sense of calm and elegance to holiday gatherings.

Broad Appeal: Warm neutrals have universal appeal, blending seamlessly with both bold and more subtle decor elements. They serve as an excellent foundation or complement to the traditional vibrant colors of fall, making them a favorite for both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Product Enhancement: For home decor manufacturers, leveraging these warm neutrals in your 2025 collections can attract a wide consumer base, looking for products that offer both comfort and style. These hues not only harmonize with various decor styles but also elevate the perceived quality and sophistication of the products.

3. Autumn Leaves and Trees

The timeless appeal of autumn leaves and trees will be a central theme in Thanksgiving and harvest home and wall decor for 2025. We’re loving the focus on a rich tapestry of fall colors—deep browns, burnt oranges, and the unexpected addition of light, pretty aqua or greens, adding a fresh dimension to the traditional palette.

Earthy Browns and Burnt Oranges: The foundation of this theme lies in the warm, deep shades of brown and the vibrant burnt oranges that echo the natural changes of the season. These colors reflect the perfect autumn experience, reminiscent of oak and acorn, and are perfect for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere in any home setting.

Touches of Aqua and Green: These lighter, refreshing colors enhance and add a touch of prettiness to the more traditional fall palettes. They bring to mind the last hints of life in the fading leaves and the occasional glimpse of clear sky among the autumn branches, providing a unique twist that can brighten and modernize any decor.

4. Unexpected Color Palette: Blues, Orange and Reds

For Thanksgiving and Harvest Art Licensing 2025, we are seeing an exciting evolution in color trends with the introduction of an unexpected palette that combines deep blues with warm oranges and reds. This fresh approach creates a sophisticated and richly contrasted color story that is perfect for autumn and Thanksgiving home decor collections.

Deep blues, such as navy and indigo, traditionally linked with cooler themes, are being perfectly blended with the fiery warmth of burnt oranges and warm reds. This combination brings a modern twist to the season’s decor, balancing the coolness of blue with the traditional warmth of fall’s oranges and reds.

This innovative color trio offers a fresh and contemporary take on the typical fall colors, providing a unique opportunity for home decor manufacturers to differentiate their products. By adopting this palette, you will appeal to consumers looking for something both familiar and excitingly new for their seasonal setups, making any space feel both cozy and stylish.

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