Calling all artists! Have you ever wondered how your art could transcend traditional canvases and reach a wider audience? Art licensing might just be the missing puzzle piece in your artistic journey. 

For over 30 years we’ve been working with artists like you to bring their art to market for wall and home decor around the globe. Our team of passionate art leaders are focused on making the world more beautiful with art and we want to share some of our tips and knowledge with you. 

So, grab your sketchbook, and let’s dive in.

  1. Paint Your Way to a Wider Audience:
    Imagine your artwork reaching far beyond the confines of your studio walls. Art licensors possess extensive distribution networks, paving the way for your creations to enter new markets and captivate a broader audience. Whether it’s through home décor items, apparel, wall decor or stationery, partnering with a licensor can catapult your art into the hands and homes of people who may have never discovered it otherwise.

  2. Unleash the Royalty Fountain:
    Creating art is undoubtedly a labor of love, but what if your creations could become a sustainable source of income? That’s precisely where art licensing comes into play. Through licensing agreements, you can receive royalties or licensing fees for the use of your artwork on various products. It’s like turning your talent into a flowing fountain of revenue, providing financial stability and rewarding you for your artistic genius.

  3. Step into the Spotlight with Consumer Brand Exposure:
    Partnering with an art licensor means your art gets exposed to some of the brands you already love. Licensors often collaborate with renowned brands or possess a strong presence in the market themselves. By licensing your art, you align your name and creations with these established brands, amplifying your visibility. It’s a golden ticket to shine brighter and let your artistic voice be heard.

  4. Mindful Sales & Marketing:
    Navigating the intricacies of sales & marketing can be a daunting task for artists. Luckily, art licensors come armed with sales & marketing teams dedicated to showcasing your talent to the world. They leverage their knowledge and experience to promote your artwork through various channels, whether it’s direct sales, online platforms, or exhibitions. This means less time spent on self-promotion and more time doing what you love—creating art.

  5. Where Art Meets Product Development:
    Art licensors bring an invaluable skillset to the table when it comes to product development. They understand the pulse of consumer preferences and possess insights into market trends. By collaborating with a licensor, you gain access to their expertise, ensuring that your artwork resonates with your target audience and aligns with the latest industry demands. Together, you can transform your art into captivating consumer-focused products.

  6. Legal Lifelines and Contractual Confidence:
    The legalities of licensing agreements can be a maze of uncertainty, but fear not! Art licensors act as your guiding light, ensuring that your rights are protected and fair compensation is secured. With their wealth of experience in negotiating and managing contracts, you can rest assured that your artistic journey remains legally sound. This means more peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your creative pursuits.

Working with an art publisher opens up a realm of possibilities for artists.

From expanding your audience to generating additional income streams, it offers a gateway to creative freedom and collaboration. So, embrace the world of art licensing, where your art can transcend the canvas and touch the lives of countless individuals while you embark on a prosperous artistic journey. Want to learn more about working with us? Find out about our process here.