James Wiens has been a published artist for more than 30 years. 

Over his career, James’ art has been sold worldwide into every continent, except for Antartica. An avid lifelong outdoors man, James lives and works in British Columbia, Canada, surrounded by dramatic mountains and rivers. His artwork, primarily oil painting, reflects his love of nature and landscapes. James studied at the prestigious Emily Carr College of Art & Design in Vancouver, earning a diploma in printmaking and painting. James is dedicated to his wife, children, and close-knit extended family.

I really love the act of painting. What I paint is kind of irrelevant. I just want to paint whatever I do well.”



3 Questions with James Wiens:

1) You recently designed a new house and an amazing new studio! What was the best part of designing your own space? The worst?

The best part about designing this house was the unobstructed mountain views that we see from virtually all our main rooms. Also with all our kids gone it’s nice to have the studio back in our house with no driving to work. The worst part of designing your own house is the endless amount of choices with EVERYTHING!

2) You can paint almost anything. What do you love to paint most and why?

This is a great question, I really love the act of painting. What I paint is kind of irrelevant. I just want to paint whatever I do well. I think my greatest triumphs are when I paint and learn something new; a treatment, a technique, a particular mood, a feeling. For instance, I recently finished a series of beetles that I covered with 2-part epoxy to enhance the colors. After studying these beetles, I was completely blown away with how each of them was exquisitely and intelligently designed with amazing detail and function. It really begs belief! If I can somehow record and maybe add a twist to my subject without taking away from their original beauty, then mission accomplished.

James Wiens Adorning Bugs Collection

3) You’re from British Columbia. Why are Canadians so polite?

That’s funny. I don’t know if we’re more polite or just quiet. We do tend to say sorry a lot. Sorry. I hope that didn’t offend any of my fellow Canadians.

James Wiens’ Art