Surtex is one of the most important art licensing shows of the year.

It seems like everyone is headed to New York this weekend and we’ve been happily reading some incredible blog posts from amazing artists and designers who are getting ready for the show. Surtex is a pretty big deal so we polled our art and sales departments to get their top tips for surviving Surtex.

We spend months planning our booth, thinking about what art to show, what presentations we need and where we are going to eat at the end of the day. This last point is incredibly critical. You really want to pre-plan your restaurant choices. At the end of your day, you are in a hungry, tired, electrified state and trying to figure out your food options can lead to some people getting pretty hangry. You know who you are and you have been warned.
We’ve been showing for a long time. Over the years we’ve learned many lessons including how to hang panels when your supplies don’t show up and just how much chocolate is really needed. Last year, our hotel was surrounded by police and tv crews as they investigated a murder. We affectionately refer to that time in our lives as Murtex. We’ve switched hotels for the 2016 season.

Here are our Top 6 Tips for Surviving Surtex:

We’ve put together some tips for those of you exhibiting or walking the show for the first time. We’re especially passing these on to our licensing sales diva extraordinaire, Francine, who will be making her debut appearance at the show this year along with artists Michael Mullan and Daphne Brissonnet who will be on hand to introduce their new collections for our Licensologie division.
Pop by our booth #307 for some chocolate.
See Tip#3.
Surviving Surtex Tip #1
Tips for Surviving Surtex #2
Tips for Surviving Surtex #3
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Surviving Surtex Tip #5
Surviving Surtex Tip #6