Behind every great sophisticated man cave is a stylish man with an eye for detail.

These aren’t rooms inspired by dogs playing poker or sports jerseys. These are stylish, elegant, even rugged spaces that create a personal space where you can lose yourself in a hobby, watch the game or hang with friends. Masculine in every way, these rooms don’t feel out of place in a home, but rather an extension of personal style with a decidedly manly twist – in whatever form that takes. Sure, these rooms are designed to be a personal sanctuary, but they are just as easily welcoming to everyone in the family. We’re loving a vintage inspired space. Colors are suave and dark. Images are swarthy and refined. Materials are rustic and classic. Think rat pack, records, scotch on the rocks and cigars over great conversation.

Here are some great art pieces to get you inspired to create you perfect man cave.

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Feature room shot: Vintage Analog Collection by Michael Mullan
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