Into the Wind Ivory by Albena Hristova

There is just something about a neutral room.

We work with art, so of course we love bright, bold colors. But we also love the simplistic elegance of neutrals and the endless design opportunities this palette presents in the home.

Look at some of the most timeless and elegant interiors and you will often see the use of a very neutral color scheme.

Art is a great way to add unity to a neutral room. A large, well-placed piece of framed art or a canvas in a neutral pallette will tie the room together and give a focal point for the space.

And don’t just think white. The neutral palette is so much more. Think soft beige, khaki, warm and slate grays and even charcoal, black and cream.

Neutral rooms are a great base style for those of us who like to change our decor ummmmm, constantly.  By creating a neutral space with art, furniture, accessories and wall color, you can spice up the space with a few well-placed colorful accents and even seasonal ones. I often switch out my pillows, add in colorful floral arrangements (remind self to write post on that) as well as throws.

Everyone has a pillow closet right? At least that is what I tell my better half.