Bessie by Avery Tillmon

More than just the latest fad, the farm to table trend has become a revolution of sorts, and it just keeps growing.

This trend just keeps getting hotter and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Being from Vermont, farm fresh is a way of life and we’re happy to share our love of farmers markets and country-fresh foods with everyone! If you are planning to come to Vermont we highly recommend taking in some of our state’s markets.

You can check them out at Vermont Farmers Market Association. This season the palette is soft with muted primaries taking center stage for an updated look that fits in perfectly with today’s stylish interiors.

This look can be country fresh or sophisticated depending on what you love. Art is a great way to bring this look home. Try hanging 1 large piece, like Bessie by Avery Tillmon, or a set of smaller images in a grouping. Add in some color-coordinated plates and fabrics and you are on your way.

Want a vintage farmhouse look? Try painting your table and chairs with chalk paint. I’ve never personally done it  but this video from Annie Sloan makes me think I could!