Consumers are ready to dial up the drama in their decor game with the Darkscapes wall decor trend.

Top of the list? Moody, rich landscapes that are combined with deep, vintage color palettes so they transform their homes into Instagram-worthy spaces. This look, perfect for anyone looking to inject some bold, sophisticated vibes into their interiors, is all about creating that deep, intriguing aesthetic that’s absolutely magnetic and so on trend.

What are Darkscapes?

Darkscapes dive deep into the moody vibes of classic American and British landscapes—think secretive, misty scenes where every brushstroke builds the mystery. At Wild Apple, our artists are drawing inspiration from these traditional works to create new collections that breathe fresh life into classic landscapes, ensuring each piece feels both timeless and contemporary. 

Imagine clouds swirling over dark hills, or trees standing stark against a stormy sky—these images really stick with you, maybe because they’re both beautiful and a bit mysterious. They’re perfect for manufacturers who want to add a standout piece to their collection, or for interior designers looking for that bold artwork to anchor a room. Darkscapes mix old-school charm with a modern twist to keep things interesting.

Why are these darker landscape art prints resonating so powerfully now?

Dark, moody landscapes are a striking contrast to the often bright and polished decor trends we see so often, providing a more sophisticated aesthetic. Whether setting the mood in a cozy, book-lined study or shaping the atmosphere of a chic, upscale lounge, Darkscapes have the ability to transform and elevate any environment. Their deep tones and traditional allure turn ordinary spaces into stylish retreats.

Incorporating Darkscapes into your product lines and design projects isn’t just about keeping pace with trends—it’s about setting the bar. These deep, shadowy landscapes can become the stunning centerpiece of a boutique hotel lobby or the dramatic focal point of a luxurious living room. Darkscapes offer more than just decor; they create immersive experiences that deeply resonate with consumers, infusing spaces with emotion and innovation.

When designing and framing Darkscapes, consider these three stylish options:

  1. Floating Frames: These modern frames make the artwork look like it’s levitating inside the frame, adding an extra layer of depth and intrigue. We’re loving both light and dark wood frames to make those moody scenes pop.
  2. Vintage Frames: Lean into the vintage vibe of Darkscapes with ornate or antique-style frames. They bring a touch of old-world charm that complements the classic feel of these pieces.
  3. Bold Matting: Try a double matting approach to create a striking contrast and draw the eye deeper into the art. Go for dark colors that enhance the mysterious and atmospheric feel of the artwork.


Ready to add Darkscapes to your product lines?

Explore this captivating look, create a tailored portfolio, or speak with your Rep to see how Dark, moody landscapes can transform your product line. 

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