Decorating wit Neutrals

This month we’re exploring our softer side.

Art in neutral shades are consistent top sellers worldwide. You’ll find this gorgeous trend in our June 2017 Wall Decor Lookbook and featured in the Spotlight on Modern Farmhouse in the new Atelier June/July 2017 Book.

Neutrals like beige, cream and grey are never boring, especially when color and texture are layered to create depth and dimension. Wall decor and art-inspired accessories are the perfect centerpieces for a neutral room, helping to add a focal point that ties all of the various shades and elements together.

Neutral rooms are always a classic and don’t go quickly out of style.

If you’ve ever painted a wall a bright color you know what I mean. Rooms in soft neutral shades are the perfect backdrop to help you easily change your color scheme in an instant. Just add some pillows, a new throw, some art and a few accessories and voila! You’ve got a new look with little investment. 

neutral art