Bold Floral Art and Wall Decor

Spring is the perfect time to talk about bold florals for the home.

(Room Shot Above:Vase of Peonies Crop by Kellie Day)

If there is one thing we can rely on in home decor it’s that florals are sure to stay in fashion. One of the most popular categories for art posters, wall decor and art licensing, floral art is a stunning reminder of the beauty of spring and summer no matter what time of year. All that floral design you’re seeing out there … an artist or designer made that art. That means what you are wearing, what you are staging in your home … that all started with an artist. Isn’t that amazing! This season bold blooms are jumping off the high-fashion runway right into product designers studios as they ready their 2017 home collections. And there is no shortage of inspiration in our favorite stores and blogs. Floral patterns and art in dynamic palettes feature flowers of every shape and size. The palettes are varied – from soft pastels and warm watercolor hues to bold and bright shades of rose, blue and violet – there is something to fit into every home. And to be honest, this couldn’t come any faster. Vermont is cold this time of the year and we’re desperately waiting for a warmer spring to arrive. All the cheery florals our artists have been painting and sending in are a welcome sunny break from this less than sunny time of year.