It’s OK to be blue.

Indigo is a hot color for the home. And it’s everywhere. From fashion houses to the house around the corner, indigo is surprisingly tranquil for a bold color.

This gorgeous inky hue, reminiscent of denim, happily fits into any room and any decorating style. It is perfect when paired with white, and its watery tone is ideal for batik inspired patterns. Want something to pop? Try an illustrated poster with inspirational typography. More traditional? Use a blueprint inspired collection. Want that mod feel? Indigo abstracts are a must.

History Lesson

Indigo has been noted by historians to be the most important dye in the world. Derived from the blue powder of the plant indigofera, the word indigo is derived from Greek and means “from India”. Historians write that indigo was used as far back as 5000 BC. Mummies from Egyptian tombs from about 2500 BC have been found covered by indigo-dyed hemp fabrics. Natural indigo dyes have also been found in Africa, China, India, Indonesia, South and Central America.

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