Blue Art Open Sail by Julia Purinton

This year we’ve got the blues and we love it.

We’re seeing every shade of blue at retail. Top designers often use blue to inspire calmness and relaxation while crisp shades like indigo and 2017’s brighter cobalt, add instant pizzazz and cool refinement. Over the years we’ve presented a lot of art to our customers and we can honestly say that blue is always a winner

Our staff are creative and fun and filled with great ideas. This month we asked Patty, Artist Relations guru and an all around lovely person, to pick her favorite color and match up some art. She picked blue and we are thrilled. We’ve added Patty’s picks below and you can find even more amazing pieces on our website. We’ve even added an amazing color picker to help you narrow down your art search to specific color families. Try it out!  

Patty’s Picks

“Blue has always been my favorite color. I have a twin sister and when we were young, in order to tell us apart, my parents would dress us in the same outfit but one would be blue and the other pink. Needless to say, I wore blue. Getting to pick images that are blue is a natural choice and is very easy for me.”
– Patty Hasson, Artist Relations
Patty Hasson Wild Apple Graphics

Patty’s Picks