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Phyllis Adams


“Color and shape is the language I use to capture the feeling, mood or impression of my subject matter. I find straddling the edges of realism and abstraction the most exciting and challenging aspect of my art.”

One of nine children, Phyllis Adams was born in Boston, and has lived most of her life in New England. She spent her childhood summers in Westport, Massachusetts, a pristine coastal town that she now calls home.

Although her heart has always been in art, Phyllis’ career took a different path. In addition to being the proud mother of three sons, she worked for over a decade as a computer software manager. Today she paints full-time, creating art that “evokes the natural beauty of coastal New England, she says. “The ocean, the beaches and the wild life are my constant inspiration.”

When the weather requires it, you’ll can find Phyllis painting in her studio. In the summer she takes her small Boston Whaler, along with a dog or two, out on the Westport River. “I pull up to a sandbar and set up my easel—taking a dip now and then—combining my two favorite activities, painting and swimming.”

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