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Trends, Art & More from the Wild Apple team

As our art directors and artists look ahead to the Thanksgiving and harvest art Licensing trends for 2025, it’s the perfect time to share the future art and designs that will capture the hearts of consumers. This isn’t just about preparing for another holiday season; it’s about helping home decor manufacturers set the stage for […]
Tips for choosing the ideal Art Licensing Agency
As a home decor or wall art manufacturer, selecting the ideal art licensing agency can be a transformative move for your business. The right partnership can revolutionize your products, infusing them with distinctive art and designs that resonate deeply with consumers. At Wild Apple Graphics, we understand the significance of this decision. That’s why we’ve […]
Have you ever walked into a hotel lobby and felt instantly transported to another world? Or dined in a restaurant where the art was as memorable as the meal? That’s the magic of art in hospitality interior design. When interior designers are working on hospitality spaces, every piece of art is thoughtfully chosen to complement […]