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Hit the Road

Travel Art Trend

Some of our best summer memories are those spent with the ones we love, especially on a road trip! Do you remember the epic road trips you took with your family as a kid? When I was growing up I couldn't wait for my parents to pile all 5 of us kids into the VW Van and drive miles and miles in search of sand , sun and fun. We sang, we fought, we ate, we saw wild and weird things. I look back on those photos now with such fond memories.   Get inspired by travel-inspired art Today life seems a little more...

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Going for Gold

Metallic art for the home

With the Olympics on in Rio we can't help but think of precious metals in the home. I don't think you can walk through a single home decor store or browse any home-inspired website or blog without being dazzled by metallic art and accessories. Now, when I was a kid, my Dad was in interior designer. It was the 70s and he was Italian so you know what that meant. Shag carpet and gold metallic wallpaper. It's time to get your glam on with metallic art and accessories. Adding this look to the home doesn't need to be garish or overdone. I love...

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Brighten Up Your Home With Art


We love bright, beautiful brilliant color. While neutral decor is all the rage, color has a  very important role in the home. Color can change how we feel. It also communicates to everyone else something about who we are.  The great thing about a neutral room is that it is the perfect backdrop to make bold color statements with art and accessories. The reality is that it’s easy to be scared of bright colors in the home. Frankly, the idea of painting a wall bright orange or red, leaves us with chills. Have no fear, there is an easier way … home decor to...

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It’s time to get tropical

Tropical Palm I by Wild Apple Portfolio

This summer tropical-inspired decor is simply the hottest thing in the home. This isn't the first time the world has been in love with palm fronds and art and prints with a tropical vibe. Made famous by the Beverly Hills hotel, the Martinique wallpaper is the most recognizable palm pattern in the world. This amazing wallpaper was created by designer Don Loper in 1942. You can buy it here. I was researching for this post and I came across this WOW photo from the TV Show the Golden Girls on People Magazine. Does that print look familiar? Wallpaper and a matching bedspread. I've...

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