Feeling blue doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

The color blue is coming on strong in home decor and fashion. One of the most versatile shades, adding watery and light blues can make a home feel right as rain. Whatever shade you choose blue has been and remains one of the most versatile and loved colors for the home. And did you know … according to Fresh Home Blue is said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate. That is why it is considered calming, relaxing and serene, and it is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms.”

Blue will continue to be a strong color for the home in 2017

Interior and product designers often use blue to inspire calmness and relaxation while crisp shades like indigo and and 2017s brighter cobalt, add instant pizzazz and cool refinement. You’ll find every shade of blue in our collections and online catalogues to make your products pop.

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