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Home Decor Outlook Fall 2022

4 trend-forward looks for the home


Nature exploration  • Layered looks
Natural elements and patterns

Imagery: landscapes, leaves, grasses, plants, mushrooms
Colors: muted natural tones, browns, olive, golds, dusty pinks, mustard and hints of black


Traditional looks  • Vintage etchings
Regencycore: inspired by period dramas like Bridgerton and the Gilded Age

Imagery: florals, botanicals, traditional etchings. Vintage images made modern
Colors: soft feminine color palettes

Artisan Explorer

Handcrafted, hand painted • Mystical elements
Boho re-imagined

Imagery: Mandalas, global patterns and tiles, mystical elements, third eye symbolism, Hamsa
Colors: Pretty color palette, feminine and serene with pops of color like deep blue, coral, spring green and rose


Bright and eclectic colored art to bring energy to a space
Bold designs

Imagery: abstracts, florals, tropical, florals and more
Colors: Electric blue, marmalade, teal, magenta, intense yellows


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