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Home Decor Outlook 2023

Home Decor Outlook 2023

5 trend-forward looks for the home


Fresh, modern interpretation  •  Decorative
Perfect for layered looks  •  Bohemian inspired colors and patterns

Imagery: florals, botanicals, animals and whimsical patterns.
Colors: muted but bold golds, oranges, 
indigo and greens.


Bold and refined • Pairs with warm and cool tones
Perfect way to add a pop of color to a neutral space

Imagery: florals, abstracts, seasonal and perfect for retro inspired collections.
Colors: pairs well with navy, green, grays and lavender.

New Gothic

Emerging & growing fast • Not spooky but rather intricate & opulent
Inspired by historic gothic architecture & modern-day symbolism

Imagery: stunning florals, moths, moons, mushrooms and magical symbols.
Colors: dark and moody color palettes.

Luxe Travel

Travel to far away lands • Dream luxury trips
Favorite, iconic destinations

Imagery: typography, iconic landmarks, exotic animals, fashion, vintage-inspired travel posters.
Colors: muted golds and greens, more vibrant but still pastel aquas and pinks.

Classic Revival

Vintage inspired • Ephemera
Traditional looks • Etchings and painterly collections

Imagery: botanicals, vintage paper, traditional landscapes, architectural designs.
Colors: neutrals, moss, warm browns and soft earthy pinks.


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