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Home Decor Outlook 2022

4 trend-forward looks for the home

Colorful Exotic

Bright tropicals   •  Summery beach vibe
Think Miami, exotic vacations, colorful California

Imagery: birds, big cats, palms, pineapples, exotic flowers, tropical leaves, vacation-inspired
Colors: almost verging on neon at times, bright pinks, aqua, greens, reds and yellows

Modern Masters

Traditional looks made modern  •  Masterful painting techniques
Art where you can see and ‘feel’ the brushwork

Imagery: landscapes, florals, botanicals and fresh new abstracts.
Colors: Across the board but not overly bright. Look for collections in trending color stories.


Influenced by fashion trends • Layer similar shades to create interest
Minimalist and maximalist interiors

Imagery: patterns, florals, abstracts, photography, botanicals, farmhouse
Colors: blacks and greys, blues, pinks, neutrals and greens

Forest Finds

Back to nature • Sense of nostalgia
Back to the ‘good life” where technology is secondary

Imagery: vintage-inspired botanicals, foraged mushrooms, feathers, ferns and foliage
Colors: earthy tones of green, sage, cinnamon, blues and chocolate with hits of warmer pinks, cranberry and violet.


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