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Home Decor Outlook 2021

5 trend-forward looks for the home

Daughter Earth

Desert-chic style with boho charm

Daughter Earth is filled with soft and earthy color stories and Southwest-inspired motifs for a look that adds updated bohemian elegance to products. Everything for the home is being infused with beautiful colors and patterns to create decor & products that add undeniable boho charm to our lives.


What’s old is new again

Grand millennial style is the new traditional but in an oh-so fabulous 2021 way. This trend celebrates “granny style” with layered, detailed art and designs that honour vintage design for today’s style lovers.


Art that is out of this world

When you want to conjure up something magical for the home, look no farther than the Mystical trend. From astrology to the occult, mystic designs are trending for the wall and every product you can imagine. 


This is a year for hope and resilience.

No matter your style, we can all agree that staying positive is on-trend for 2021. Artists have always been at the heart of spreading messages to the masses. This year look for inspiring, optimistic typography to promote kindness and optimism for the future.


Are you ready to be glamorous?

Buckle up, the socialite trend is here and it’s fabulous beyond measure. This look is fun and flirty, filled with decadence and elegance for days.


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