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Deborah Revell

Nature, Woven in Art

Deborah Revell’s artistic journey began when she traveled the world in her 20s along with a cherished Hasselblad camera, a gift from her great-uncle George. Settling in San Francisco she became a best-selling artist for Chronicle Books and her work was licensed across an array of products from stationery and wall art to soft furnishing

After living in Vermont and a years-long artist in residence in France, Deborah and her family moved to Devon, UK, where today, she draws inspiration from the sea’s rhythmic waves and the dramatic scenery that frame her home. Her studio, nestled behind a local yoga studio, is her sanctuary where fresco meets photography. Here, Deborah crafts pieces that are more than just art; they are stories woven into linen that tell the tale of nature’s endless beauty.

But Deborah’s life isn’t all about art. Known among her friends as one of the “Torcross Mermaids,” she finds joy in the simple pleasures—laughing and swimming with friends by the sea, fishing with her partner Rob, or exploring the world with her children. As she plans her next adventure, her life remains a beautiful blend of art, nature, and laughter—a true reflection of the world she loves.




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