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Felicity Bradley


Born in Melbourne, Australia, Felicity Bradley was raised in a small and beautiful semi-rural town. “I have fond memories of exploring the vast landscapes of Australia on family holidays and camping trips. Those adventures ignited my passion for natural landscapes and the amazing details within them.”

The gift of a 35mm Single Lens Reflex film camera at age 17 was the beginning of her enchantment with photography. This newfound passion led her to complete a Diploma of Applied Photography from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Her creative curiosity then drew her to study a variety of printmaking techniques which ignited her love for the image-making process.

Felicity has worked and traveled throughout the US, marveling at the difference in landscapes between North America and her homeland. Today she lives in Vermont with her American-born husband and continues to enjoy outdoor adventures. Always in pursuit of the next perfect image, a camera is never far from her reach.

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