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Farida Zaman



Farida Zaman’s passion for art and design led her to an international career as a freelance illustrator and fine artist in Geneva, London, New York and Toronto. Her unmistakably lively, colorful and whimsical art can be seen in posters, book covers, children’s book illustrations, clothing, packaging and giftware. Gaining inspiration in recent years from trips to Morocco, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Italy, Spain and France, her travels have added a sophisticated and multi-cultural flair to her collections.

Farida uses watercolors, gouache and digital mediums to execute her unique style. Her bright and beautiful home studio overlooks her lovingly-planted garden, and is filled with paint palettes, easels, inspiring books and big green plants. It is here where she creates work, often kept company by her small white dog, Pippa.

Medium of Choice

acrylics, collage, digital, Gouache, Watercolor
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