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Sharon Vardy

Capturing the Wild Soul

Born and raised in the pride lands of South Africa, Sharon Vardy has always been captivated by the natural world around her. Her environment was an ever-present canvas, bustling with life and color. It is amidst wild animals and scenic landscapes, that Sharon found her artistic calling.

With a particular fondness for the cheetah—creatures she feels privileged to see often—Sharon channels her passion for wildlife into her photography. Her work is a testament to her love for majestic animals and the idyllic, wild settings they inhabit. Now living on a farm with her family of four where the bush meets the sea, Sharon is perfectly positioned to capture moments that are spontaneous and mesmerizing.

Sharon’s technique is as fluid and natural as the subjects she captures. She approaches her art with a relaxed style that mimics the untamed beauty of her surroundings. Influenced by numerous talented wildlife photographers in South Africa, she admires the ability to convey the soul of the land through a lens. 

Sharon’s own work not only reflects her deep connection to her homeland but also her desire to fill walls with art—art that is vivid, alive, and deeply personal. Her art invites viewers to step into a world where the wild reigns supreme, and every snapshot and scribble tells the story of a land rich in beauty and wonder.




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