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Inspired by romantic interpretations of farm and rural life, Cottagecore is a 2020 sensation.

Trending on social, Cottagecore celebrates life in the countryside. From home baking to tea parties, & gardening, this trend pays homage to Holly Hobbie and Anne of Green Gables, allowing us to escape to a place filled with beauty and peace. 

Summer Garden

life at the cottage is always sunny

Beautiful floral and botanical collections are at the heart of this look. Perfect wildflower arrangements and sweet garden-inspired patterns are inspiring product and wall decor designers to create collections that bring summer home any time of the year. 

Harvest at Home

thankful for home, harvest and hearth

Forest walks, gathering flowers and mushrooms, celebrating growing and sharing in the harvest of a perfect garden, this is Cottagecore. With a nod to autumn and Thanksgiving, we love how this trend captures warmth and hope all in one place.

Garden Party

sip tea and relax with a perfect tea party

Cottagecore garden parties are being thrown everywhere. Vintage-inspired Floral dinnerware, tablescapes, accessories and wall decor are helping create perfect peaceful settings where phones don’t ring and freshly baked scones are always available.

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