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Patsy Ducklow


British-born Patsy Ducklow has lived in Colorado for over twenty years.  Her family encouraged her love of art from an early age and her once hobby is now a cherished career.  A self-taught artist, Patsy learned to paint at the kitchen table with Moose and Xena, her two large Labradoodles, at her side. Working in acrylic and ink, Patsy cleverly captures the personalities of animals in her paintings. Her love of dogs, in particular Moose and Xena, are the source of Patsy’s inspiration.  Connecting with people and animals comes easily to Patsy, who also works as an advanced practice nurse.  At the end of her day she returns to her studio and is able to lose herself in her painting as a way to unwind.

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Acrylic, Pen / Pencil
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