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Lynn Mack

South Australia

Lynn Mack is a contemporary still life and landscape artist from Co. Wicklow, Ireland. She loves drinking tea, exploring new lands, archaeology and painting anything that has a beautiful pattern. In 2014 she and her family moved to Adelaide in South Australia. This opened up a whole new world of light and color to her. She loves painting the vibrant fresh aqua colors in the skies and seas of Australia. And with a desert climate, grows many stunning succulents and plant life with incredible patterns. Many of her oil and acrylic paintings include the sky and sea, or tribal markings of lines and dots connecting her Irish past with her Australian present. When not painting under the watchful eye of her marmalade-colored cat Ninja, Lynn can be found exploring the local area with her husband and three teenagers. Her children are keen musicians, painters and movie buffs. Summertime is all the more adventurous and fun since they learned how to jetty-jump and boogie board.

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Acrylic, Oil
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