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Joan E. Davis


“Organic forms stem from my imagination. Colors reflect the emotion and energy of an experience.”

Joan E. Davis’ uses cardboard and works on the floor to create her distinctive abstracts. Her more defined floral pieces include layers of charcoal and graphite drawing intermixed with colorful glazes of paint. Davis was formally trained in New York and Connecticut. Her paintings are shown in NYC, LA, Palm Desert, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco as well as internationally. Her work is included in prestigious private and corporate collections throughout the world. In addition, she has been commissioned for hotel and restaurant projects, exclusive private residences, fundraising efforts and auctions.

Joan currently works out a private studio in Hollywood, CA and exhibits at JY Gallery in Suzhou, China as well as various galleries on the west coast. No matter the style or series, each and every painting by Joan E. Davis pleasantly evokes a timeless sense of élan and joy of life.

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