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March 21, 2016

Into the Wind Ivory by Albena Hristova
We work with art, so of course we love bright, bold colors.But we also love the simplistic elegance of neutrals and the endless design opportunities this palette presents in the home. Look at some of the most timeless and elegant interiors and you will often see the use of a very neutral color scheme. From subtle grays and creams to rich shades of brown and black, creating a neutral space doesn’t have to be dull.
Interview with Artist Beth Grove
Beth began her career in art as a staff artist for a publisher of stationery where she worked for 15 years. Her love of all things home and garden made the transition to creating art for the home decor, wall and gift industries a natural next step. She is know for her pretty and decorative style achieved by creating watercolors using traditional drawing and painting techniques, and digitally adding contemporary design elements.