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It’s time to get tropical

Tropical Palm I by Wild Apple Portfolio

This summer tropical-inspired decor is simply the hottest thing in the home.

golden girlsThis isn’t the first time the world has been in love with palm fronds and art and prints with a tropical vibe.

Made famous by the Beverly Hills hotel, the Martinique wallpaper is the most recognizable palm pattern in the world. This amazing wallpaper was created by designer Don Loper in 1942. You can buy it here.

I was researching for this post and I came across this WOW photo from the TV Show the Golden Girls on People Magazine. Does that print look familiar? Wallpaper and a matching bedspread. I’ve died and gone to tropical heaven.

In the past few years this famous print has been gaining new popularity with celebrities like Mariah Carey, Niki Hilton and has been seen on numerous TV shows and has been flooding Instagram non stop in super cool photo shoots that make us swoon.


Getting into the tropical vibe is easy.

Think exotic prints, florals and palms in amazing shades of sea glass green, hot pink, sunny yellow and iridescent blues.

Our artists have created amazing tropical collections in sunny primary palettes. Fill your walls with art, mix in a few accessories and you’ve got an instant summertime oasis – any time of the year.







Anita Petersen

Anita Petersen

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