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Perfect Patterns

Perfect Patterns for the Home

Patterns are perfect
for the home.

Patterns, textures and design elements from around the world are being mixed and matched to create a fun and eclectic look for the home.

Patterns look amazing on walls, dinnerware, fabric, pillows, rugs, furniture and more!  Whether printed small and hung in grids or large scale statement pieces, it’s a look filled with trend-forward sophistication.

Take a look around your home, a restaurant or hotel. See all those patterns on wallpaper, bedding, tiles and throw pillows? Before I started working in art publishing and licensing I didn’t even think about where patterns came from. It was like magic so I was thrilled to find out that artists create them. Isn’t that amazing!

As and art publisher, we work with artists to create patterns of all types, colors and styles and we love working with our customer to translate those looks into wall decor and licensed for products for the home.

How do you love to use patterns in the home?

Wild Apple Patterns



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Anita Petersen

Anita Petersen

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